Headless Body Founded in Chennai Sasirekha Murder Case 2016 : Check Latest Updates and Photos

36 year old South Actress Sasirekha allegedly murdered by her 34 year old husband Ramesh and his girlfriend Lawkiiyaa. After one month, her headless body was recovered by Chennai Police from a garbage bin in Ramapuram in Chennai. At that time police were unable to found identity of body. Body was recovered from garbage bin on 5th January. And Head was recover from a canal near Kolapakkam, about two kilometres away, earlier this week.


Ramesh and his 22 year old girlfriend Lawkiiyaa Kashiiv arrested from house in the suburbs. Ramesh had a talent agency that promised aspiring actors roles in the Tamil film industry, according to one senior police officer. Sasirekha was already married earlier and she has 7 year old son from the first marriage.


A senior police officer said that, “Sasirekha, a divorcee and mother of an eight-year-old, married him last August. But trouble began after Ramesh began an affair with Kashiiv, an aspiring actress. Sasirekha filed some complaints against Ramesh.”

Sasirekha Ramesh and Lawkiiya

There two complaints were filed by Sasirekha against Ramesh. One for allegedly kidnapping her son and another for domestic violence. But officer said that, “Our investigation found that the kidnap complaint was false, but the domestic violence complaint did trouble Ramesh and Kashiiv.”

After Sasirekha’s parents filed a missing complaint then the case reached at the police. Later, investigation revealed that they had killed Sasirekha, cut her head off and threw it into a lake at Kolapakkam. She was very interesting in acting. Ramesh took money from her promising that she will be casted as heroine in a movie which he would be directing.

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