Google Search Chief Amit Singhal to Resign Post 2016

India-born Amit Singhal, the longtime chief of Google’s Internet search business, will leave the company on Feb 26 and be replaced by the head of the technology giant’s artificial intelligence (AI) business.

Amit Singhal is the most influential engineer of Google. Amit Singhal was born in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh in India. He received his IIT Bachelor of Engineering degree from Roorkee. He continued his education in computer science in the United States and received an MS degree from the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 1991.

Amit Singhal continued his studies at Cornell University of Ithaca in New York. He received his PhD degree in 1996. After PhD he got engaged in his researches and joined AT&T Labs where he continued his research information retrieval, speech retrieval and other related fields.

For Singhal there was no turning point after joining Google. Singhal was named one of the smartest people in technology. Google and Singhal seemed to have a harmonious story of growth. Singhal take up a new challenge in reinvent Google for mobile world.

Google Search Chief Amit Singhal to Resign from Post
Google Search Chief Amit Singhal to Resign from Post

Singhal and his team had done a great job in introducing new building products like Knowledge Graph, powers tool like voice search and also introduced some features like text messages and apps on Android phones.

Towards the end of last year, Singhal led his team to build a cool prototype that professed his love for Star Trek. Google kept the basic principles of microphone and Bluetooth connectivity to sync with smartphones.

According to Singhal, the algorithms and learnings which he learned in 15 years of this Google had extremely handy in building the future. Without this they would have not reach to this peak.

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