A Terrorist David Headley Confessed Much Things in Video Conference 2016

David Coleman Headley is an American terrorist of Pakistani origin, and a spy who conspired with the Lashkar-e-Taiba in plotting the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Headley said on 11th February 2016 that Ishrat Jahan who was killed in an alleged fake encounter in 2004 in Gujarat was actually a suicide bomber of terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba.

David Headley
David Headley

Headley confess that, “As terrorists look like Indian, they bought threads from Siddhi Vinayak Temple.” Devid testified in the Mumbai Court by video conference from the US Prison. In this conference he confessed this thing. He also explained how he was touch in Rahul Bhatt.

Terrorist Attack in The Hotel Taj
Terrorist Attack in The Hotel Taj

In tihs vedio conference he confessed much things, some of these are listed below :

I was gone Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Mumbai.

I captured video of the temple.

I bought 15-20 red and yellow threads from the temple.

I bought these threads for Terrorist thats why Pakistani terrorists that feel like Indian.

I gave these threads to Sajeed Meer when I was gone to Mumbai.

Sajeed Meer had liked my idea.

Shiv Sena Bhavan was in target.

I met Rajaram Rege at Shiv Sena Headquarters in Mumbai.

I was trying to get more and more information about this building.

From this intension, I had developed my friendship wih Rege.

Sajeed Meer had encouraged me for enhance friendship with Rege.

I had captured a video of Shiv Sena Bhavan and gave it to LeT.

Because LeT want make future target of Shiv Sena Bhavan.

During a body building competition, I met a person and his name was Villas.

Villas only made me to meet Rahul Bhatt.

Rahul Bhatt is a son of Mahesh Bhatt and brother of Alia Bhatt.

10 Pakistani terrorists attacked in Mumbai.

10 Terrorists devided into two groups then they attacked.

They were using Indian Numbers and get instruction from control room in Karachi.

Sajeed Meer gave me a mobile phone and told me that, I used to it at Wagha Border in Punjab.

I, Sajeed Meer and LeT were disappointed when Ajmal Kasab arrested.

My wife Fiza and known that I am a firm follower of Hafiz Saeed.

I had given divorced to Fiza.

On 28th November, Fiza sent me mail that Congratulations for Graduations..!! The Program was very hectic. She was talking about Mumbai’s terrorists attack.

My wife gave me congratulations for successful terrorist attack.

I was in Pakistan on 1st to 30th june 2008.

At that time I was disscussed about this terrorist attack with Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, Sajeed Meer, Abdur Rehman and Major Iqbal.

I also visited the BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) and captured BARC’s video. Because Major want to get information about BARC.

Major Iqbal told me to do the survey of Air Force and Naval Headquarters in Mumbai.

But strict security was at the Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Air Force and Naval Headquarters. So we dropped the Idea to attack on those places.

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