Sunny Leone is Rockstar : Sunny Leone Interview with CNN IBN

Sunny Leone has been stacked with praises by the Bollywood stars after her interview with a leading news channel in the country.  In a bid to promote her upcoming film, Mastizaade, Sunny Leone must have thought she was attending a harmless, promotional interview. What she got instead are a set of arrogant, rude and judgmental statements masquerading as “questions”.

The 30-minute-long interview is complete with Reporter Bhupendra Chaubey cutting Leone off as soon as she started to make a point that deviated from her “image” or her “past”. It seemed as if all the questions were aimed to corner Leone, and yet she managed to keep her cool and answer his irrelevant, sexist questions with dignity and a straight face.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

“Are you proud of your past?”

“Do you think Aamir Khan will work with you?”

“I wonder if I’m being morally corrupt by interviewing you”

“In typical Bollywood terms, you’re an item girl”

“How many people would aspire to be a porn star?”

These may seem like facts, and questions, but in reality, the above sentences are judgments, made by journalist Bhupendra Chaubey in an interview with Sunny Leone. Even topics of politics and being the most-Googled person in India, were conducted by Chaubey with a sly smirk on his face, as if to indicate that the only thing one deserves to speak to Leone about is porn.

Leone had handled the interview very calmly than anyone in her place. Upon being asked on what she felt about CPI leader Atul Anjan blaming her for corrupting Indian morality and youth of the country, she said, “I’m waiting for the day when Obama makes a speech about me.”

Leone’s fans and celebrities alike have come out in support of her. Twitterati and most of Bollywood agrees. Here you can watch the Viral Clip of Interview


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