Pathankot Attack 2016 : Operation Longer Than 26/11

Pathankot attack 2016 is a trending and hot topic in India right now. The encounter between terrorists and Indian security forces at the Pathankot air force base was on for more than 50 hours. On Saturday midnight, 2nd January 2016, a group of terrorists were detected by the aerial surveillance platforms. Four terrorists have been killed during the operation which is still on and is expected to continue till the Air Force is sure that there are no more intruders at the station.

A huge lesson that has emerged from the confused responses to the attack in Pathankot over the past few days is that India has not developed the right mechanisms to face the terror tactics that constitute contemporary fighting. That the response was botched is more than obvious.

The attackers roamed around Punjab in a hijacked vehicle for more than 15 hours, even though information of the carjack was given to authorities; indeed, it was an officer’s car. Yet, the attackers were able to attack one of the most important military installations what is arguably one of India’s three most militarily-significant nodes — and perhaps its most vital quick-response node for any putative attack against Pakistan.

Terrorists' Route for Pathankot Attack
Terrorists’ Route for Pathankot Attack

There is an impressive-looking fence and other technological tools to prevent access into Kashmir. So, they now come into Punjab or the area around Jammu. There is a counter-insurgency grid in the Valley. So, they launch daring operations in Gurdaspur, Pathankot of Udhampur.

One of the most important challenges is training. Those who died during combing operations when they thought the terrorists had already all been killed were clearly unfamiliar with some of the patterns adopted by militants in Kashmir over the past decade or so. They sometimes try to booby-trap their bodies to kill those who come to dispose of the bodies and remains after the firefight.

Even Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Kumar expressed his brutal but True opinion about Pathankot attack and its solution.

“I don’t have a final solution to the problem. But the way they entered our country and murdered our soldiers, I will say ‘inhe ghuske maro’.”

I am totally agree with Akshay Kumar. Our PM Modi has applied many efforts to calm down all the matters but it seems like they are taking us normally!!!

We Pay our heartily tribute and Salute to all the Indian Martyrs who has died in this Pathankot Terror Attack.

Right now, all the 6 attackers are shot died by Indian Army but the question is,

Being Silent and Dumb Viewer of these kinds of Terrorist Attacks are acceptable???

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