Ocean Holi 2k16 Event in Vadodara 2016 : Date Venue Passes Details

Ocean India presents Ocean Holi 2k16 celebration event in Vadodara on the upcoming festival of Holi. People are celebrating Holi, the festival of color with lots of fun and joy. Now many event planners are having celebration of festivals with many attractions.

Color Festival invites all its participants to let go of cares and worries, embrace joy, and live life in full color! An event is organized at Vadodara to enjoy the color festival. Come enjoy an amazing sampling of locally-sourced vegetarian cuisine, live music, dancing and of course, the opportunity to shower yourself in vibrant colors.

The Ocean Holi 2k16 event will be at Vadodara on 24th March 2016, Thursday. The entry is only for the group means you can participate with three or more than three people group. So grab the opportunity and get passes now!

Ocean Holi 2k16 Event in Vadodara 2016 Date:

24th March 2016, Thursday

Ocean Holi 2k16 Event in Vadodara 2016 Venue:

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Ocean Holi 2k16 Event in  Vadodara 2016 Timings:

12:30 pm

Holi Festival
Holi Festival

The passes for Ocean Holi 2k16 event in Vadodara are having different price rate. Entry pass for Group of Three at Rs 1500, Group of Four at Rs 1800, Group of Six at Rs 2400 and Group of Ten at Rs 3500. Holi is a spring festival. It is also called as Festival of colors. It is a day of color, where people could have dry color powders in their hands and chase behind people to throw at them. Also known as the festival of colors or the festival of love. It is primarily observed in India, Nepal, and other regions of the world with significant populations of Hindus or people of Indian origin.

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