Indian Army Dogs are Killed after Retirement – Policy Should be Changed

What happens to Indian Army dogs — including the decorated ones — once they are not fit to carry out their difficult duty? They are euthanised (Put to Death Humanly)!!!! This year, on Republic Day 2016, The Indian Army Dogs will perform at the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. The Indian Army has about 1,200 Labradors and German Shepherds, has selected 36 canines to march down the Rajpath with their handlers after 26 years.

Labrador Breed Dog in Army
Labrador Breed Dog in Army

Indian Army Dogs are euthanised after their employable life. As soon as they retire from service, they are euthanized. The euthanasia of military dogs has been going on since the time of the British, but the regulation has not been revised over time.

Dog Breeds in Army:

The Army generally uses Labradors, German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds, depending on the altitude and weather, besides the nature of assignment which may include routine patrol to explosives detection.

Army Dogs to Join Parade on 26 January
Army Dogs to Join Parade on 26 January

Why The Army Dogs are Killed in India?:

The army considers adoption a security matter for two reasons. One, the fear that these highly-trained dogs who are familiar with base locations of Army will land in the wrong hands, and two, that animal welfare organizations will not be able to provide them with the kinds of facilities the Indian Army provides.

While undergoing wide military training, the dogs are coached in commands that require them to hold their barks in situations of battle, in case they reveal their position to the enemy. They are taught to respond to military-specific hand gestures and verbal orders by their trainers. They are educated in sniffing out bombs and rounding off criminals. Clothed in protective military gear, these dogs of war play equal companions to soldiers. There is really no significant difference in the way they experience war.

Indian Army Dogs Training
Indian Army Dogs Training

By the time they turn eight or nine, they have nearly reached the end of their employable life. While some are “put down” for unavoidable medical reasons, there are still others who are placed in new, loving homes. These options, however, vary from country to country.

What Change in Policy for Army Dogs can be Happen?:

Euthanasia should be administered when there is no prediction for recovery, and not used as a convenient means of disposing off someone you no longer need.

If people are ready to adopt the retired army dogs then the Army and Central Government should change that policy. The Army can take help of the particular regional police officers and check the background of the ready to adopt family or person. Then they can register that adopters all details at the Police station and make them adopt the retired army dog.

Build public opinion against the military’s policy of euthanizing dogs.

Set up army-run animal retirement centres in the East, West, North and South regions.

Rehabilitate retired dogs with the help of animal welfare organizations and the public.

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