Grandmaster Shifuji : World’s Best Commando Trainer Success Story

Grandmaster Shifuji is World’s Best Commando Trainer since 2008 till date. Also accredited as the Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh, India. Grandmaster Shifuji is the founder, Successor, Great Grandmaster & founder of Indian warrior monks’ tradition, He is also the founder and father of Mission Prahar-Sashakt Hi Surakshit, Mission Prachand Bharat, Mission Meri Mitti and more.

Grandmaster Shifuji
Grandmaster Shifuji

His first master was late Sensai Khem Bahadur Gurung (A legend gorkha fighter). He is the only Indias Shifu Trainer. Even after being so famous and powerful he is a very humble personality.

“No mercy in training if you actually want to survive the battle of life. Remember two words-NO MERCY.”

-Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj

Shifuji with Director Prabhudeva
Shifuji with Director Prabhudeva

Chief Commandos Mentor Grandmaster Shifuji:

World’s Best Commando Trainer since 2008 till date. (as per Google search result)

Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh state

Special Commando Trainer of The Hawk Commandos, Special Armed Forces, Counter Terrorist Group, Special Task Force & Anti-Terrorist Squad.

The Inventor of Shatru Vinashak Killing Skills, Extreme Urban warfare & Military Martial Arts and Special modified Close Quarter Battle & Special Commandos VIP Protection skills of the Elite Special Forces.

Special Anti-Urban Terrorist Tactics Instructor for Mumbai Police after 26/11-terror attack.

Special Mentor for the Mumbai QRT Commandos.

Grandmaster-Headmaster-Successor & Founder of Indian warrior monks’ tradition.

Special Commando Trainer for Combatants of the Army’s Fighting Regiment.

Founder of Mission Prahar. His target is to train at least a crore women in self-defense and he has already trained lakhs of women in rural India.

Kallari Guru ( Master of Kallaripayatt The World’s oldest & Indian martial arts, Kerala)

Gurukul Hat Yogacharya & Guru of Mr. & Miss India.

Mentor of few top Action movies, Celebrities, Stars & top Stunt men.

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