Chello Divas Fame Malhar Thakar in Surat at New Year Party 2015

‘Aayo Be Aayo..’

This is a famous dialogue from latest Superhit Urban Gujarati Movie Chhello Divas. Chhello Divas fame Malhar Thakar who has played role of Viki was in Surat at New Year Celebration 2016 party. New Year Party was organized in Surat at 31st December night where Chello Divas Fame Viki was present whose real name is Malhar Thakar. In the New Year party he started to entertain youth by saying his famous dialogue, ‘Topa…Aayo Be Aayo…’.

Malhar Thakar at New Year Party in Surat
Malhar Thakar at New Year Party in Surat

Gujarati Actor Malhar Thakar also sang the poem ‘Oot na Adhar Vaka’ of famous poet Dalpatram which he has also sang in the movie Chhello Divas. Presence of Viki in the party made Surat people crazy.

Malhar Thakar said that just like Surat people, Surat’s food is also Full to Rock. Before this as he was working in a Drama company he has came to Surat many times so he knows which food is famous in Surat and where it is available. After this he said about Gujarati movies, that this year proved lucky for Gujarati movies as ‘Chello Divas’ was a big hit movie.

Malhar Thakar in New Year PArty in Surat
Malhar Thakar in New Year Party in Surat

In the year 2016, 40 new Gujarati movies are going to be release. And from these any 10 of the movie get hit than there is a bright future for Gujarati Industry. Malhar mentioned that he has already signed up two movies so ‘Chello Divas’ fame Viki will be again seen this year in a different role.

Malhar Thakar in Surat
Malhar Thakar in Surat

Malhar also wished to play role of famous poet Ramesh Parekh in his movies as he is a great lover of poems and Ramesh Parek is his favourite one. Chello Divas was a great experience for Malhar Thakar. Because after this movie he got a tremendous fame.  Wherever he goes he is treated as a celebrity so that’s a great achievement for him.

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