Changing Trends in Education System

To survive and thrive, living organisms, industries – including pre – primary education to higher level – in Gujarat has evolved to changing environments. Ensuring education for all and walking with time has been the mantra which led to the state’s incessant growth.

Gujarat has embraced education like never before and is leaving no stone unturned in imparting the best and quality education to the students. With the changing time and socio – political trends objectives of education has changed for the good.

Digital Classrooms
Digital Classrooms

Education system involves a number of factors and the ultimate objective is to bring certain desirable interactions. The modern concept of education which is more concerned with the improvement of the total man in relation to his environment was well looked upon.

Education in India
Education in India

There is a very healthy attitude and consciousness in respective roles in our changing society. This has brought a sea change education sector and students are seen seeking advices in small to big thoughts and making both parents and teachers their buddies.

This attitude has helped in building a very close tie between the child’s home and school and the gulf so long maintained between the two has been bridged up well. There was a time when young students from Gujarat used to go to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala and many big cities for further studies but times have changed.

There are many new schools and colleges that are sprawling in the region and providing quality education. People are now also aware of CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE boards of education that the state offers which give national level competition to the children.

In early days, parents used to monitor their children once they reached higher secondary but things have changed now. The principal objective of education has changed to nurture an individual since a toddler completely in Gujarat.

From yoga to swimming to arts and music, children play a major role in curricular activities. There are many colleges in Gujarat that provide pharmacy, dental, engineering, IT, software applications, science related courses.

The emergence of new colleges, programs integrated with industry based learning, tie – up with industries juggernauts, and development of infrastructural capability has put Gujarat on education map. Not only engineering, arts and commerce but medicines have been well catered too in the state.

There also has been also special importance given to education for girls in the region. Further, as there are many good schools and colleges as per the international standards in Gujarat, students need not move out of their home for pursuing higher studies.

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