World Aids Day 2015 Celebration in India

Every Year World Aids Day is Celebrated on 1st December. The World Aids Day is Celebrated to Increase the Awareness of HIV Aids (Human Immunodeficieny Virus). It was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter. Afterwards it was decided that world Aids Day will be celebrated on 1st December 1988.

Different Months are Declared as Aids Awareness Month by Different Organisation and Government. October and December are choosen as most Popular Month for Aids Awareness Month. Worldwide Probably there are 34 Million Peoples are there who are having the virus of HIV Aids.

The World Aids Day is Very Important to Says Public and Government that HIV has not gone. World Aids Day is One of the Opportunity to Support the Peoples who are Suffering from HIV Aids. Wearing Red Ribbon is One of the Greatest Sign of Celebrating World Aids Day.

South Africa is Standing on 1st Position Among the peoples Living with HIV. Nearly 6,300,000 Peoples are Living with HIV in South Africa. India has the Third Largest Number of Peoples who are Living with HIV. According to the Data of Year 2013 Nearly About 2,100,000 Peoples are Living with HIV in India. Many Events are also Organised on the Day of World Aids Day.


World Aids Day Details
World Aids Day Details

World Aids Day Date:

1st December


World Aids Day Purpose:

To Increase Awareness of HIV in Peoples


World Aids Day First Conceived Year/Month:

August 1987


World Aids Day Conceived By:

James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter


World Aids Day Starting Year/Month:

1st December 1988


World Aids Popular Month:

October and December


Estimated No. of Peoples Affected by Aids:

34 Million Peoples


Country having Largest No. of Peoples Suffering from Aids:

South Africa


India’s Rank in Peoples Suffering from HIV:

3rd Rank


South Africa’s Position in People Suffering from HIV:

1st Rank


No. of Peoples having Aids in South Africa:

Nearly 63,00,000 Peoples


No. of Peoples having HIV in India:

Nearly 21,00,000 Peoples


Sign of Celebrating World HIV Aid Day:

Wearing a Red Ribbon

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