Weather/ Climate Change in India 2015 : Global Warming Signs

Weather or Climate is changing day by day, getting instable which is affecting India as well as the whole world. Is there any need to make you alert about Climatic or weather change in our country????

As we all are associated to social medias, TV and more so we are all aware about instability in weather conditions in India this year. During I am writing this, there is a heavy rainfall in Chennai, Tamilnadu and still there is high alert for upcoming 72 hours. There was also heavy rainfall in Delhi also. Currently December 2015 month is going on and as per normal weather, there should be winter season but the reality is not the same.

The proportion of pollution 10 times increase in Delhi. The rainfall has break the record of last 97 years in Chennai. In Tamil Nadu also there is heavy rainfall. Many problems arise due to climatic change.

The regions affected by the climatic change in India:

Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Chennai, Tamil Nadu etc.


The Proportion of Pollution in Delhi:

Increase 10 times than normal proportion

Extreme Weather Events
Extreme Weather Events

How many years record of rainfall is break in Chennai:

97 years


The proportion of rainfall in Tamil Nadu:

6.4 cm in last 12 hours


The No. of People died due to rainfall in Tamil Nadu:

Around 180 people in 2 weeks


Problems arise due to rainfall:

Traffic jam

10 flights late in Chennai due to climatic change

Schools and Colleges are closed

Extreme weather events in India in recent years do match the predicted effects of global warming. One of the reasons for Chennai’s heavy rains is the ongoing El Nino weather pattern, which causes dry summers but wetter winters. A temperature increase of around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius resulted in twice the amount of methane emissions.

Here we have only recent extreme weather events shown but during the whole year there were lots of global warming signing events had taken place in India and the whole world.

Stop Pollution….

Go Eco-Friendly…

Still we have time to save our environment, our earth and ultimately our lives….

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