Valentine Day Celebration 2016 : Celebration Gifts Ideas

Every year valentine day is celebrated on 14th February. Valentine’s Day is celebrated to represent your love to your loved ones. Valentine Day is celebrated in remembrance of Saint Valentine. Love is said to be the best feeling in the world. On this day every person get chance to represent their love towards their beloved one. Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world and in some countries of the world there is holiday on this day.

Valentine’s day is also known as Saint Valentine Day. This year in 2016 the Valentine is on Sunday, 14th February 2016. Valentine day is the day of love and romance. All peoples who love each other show their feeling of love by giving gifts to each other.

Valentine Day 2016 Date:

14th February 2016, Sunday

Valentine Week Schedule 2016:

Rose Day- 7th February 2016, Sunday

Propose Day- 8th February 2016, Monday

Chocolate Day- 9th February 2016, Tuesday

Teddy Day- 10th February, Wednesday

Promise Day- 11th February, Thursday

Hug Day- 12th February, Friday

Kiss Day- 13th February, Saturday

Valentine’s Day- 14th February, Sunday

Happy Valentines Day 2016
Happy Valentines Day 2016

Valentine Day gift for Girls:

Girls are too sweet in nature they always like to take and give gifts to their loved ones. Many boys are confused to give gifts to their Girlfriend/Fiancée/Wife. Girls always like pretty and cute things so if you know about her choice give her a gold chain, Pendent, Funky Jewellery, Printed pillows, Heart Shaped mugs, Earrings, Chocolates, Roses, Rings, Perfumes, and many other cute thing which she like. So on this Valentine’s Day give a pretty thing to your beloved.


Valentine Day Gift for Boys:

Now it’s time for girl to choose a gift for her Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband. She can buy a beautiful Valentine card. If you have creative mind you can make a card for him at your home.

You can also buy jeans, Shirt, Wallet, T-shirt, Tie and many more thing. You can plan for adventurer trip for him.

Represent your love towards your partner by saying I LOVE YOU to him/her and give them a special feeling of love this valentine’s day. Spend a quality time with your partner and be loyal to them.

Just go any represent your feeling of love on this Valentine Day and give a special feeling of love to your partner.

Many parties and events are organised on the day of Valentine. Valentine day is the day of opportunity to propose the one to whom you love. So on the day of Valentine Boys and Girls propose each other by giving red roses and pretty gifts.

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