Top Most Companies in World Asking Weird Question Including Google FB Microsoft Apple

There are many companies in the world who are not giving only the high salary to their employees but also providing them home like environment.

Many top companies of the world who are asking strange questions in the interview and which any one can even think. One recruitment company of America named Glassdoor make review of many peoples to whom the companies have asked the strange questions. Following are the lists of the companies who are asking strange questions in the interview.


Apple Interview Question

To get a good job in the company like Apple the person have to give the answers of many hard and difficult question which anyone cannot expect that this type of question will be asked in in the interview.

Questions asked by Apple company in the interview:

-How many child born daily?

-If you are talking to your best friend then for which thing he will said to do the work to you?




Google Interview Question

Google also asked many strange questions during the interview for which the person get confused and can’t able to give answers of that question.

Google asked following strange question in interview:

-Choose one city and make assumption that how many Piyano player is doing their own business?

-If you will be remembered by one sentence then what will be that sentence?

-Any song which you have to hear for life time then which will be that song?



facebook Interview

The big company like Facebook is also asking difficult questions at the time of interview from which the person confused and it is hard for him in giving the answer to that question.

Some different question asked by Facebook during interview:

-How many Burger Macdonald sell yearly in America?

-For washing every Seattle window how many money you will take?



Microsoft Interview Que

The company like Microsoft is also asking very much confusing question at the time of interview from which the person get confused and at that time it’s very hard for him to make the reply of that question.

At the time of interview question asked by Microsoft company:

-If you are given two superpowers of becoming invisible and flying then which will you choose and why?



Master Interview

Company Mastercard have asked question at the time of interview which was very funny in hearing and person also get confused through this type of question.

Question asked by Mastercard Company at the time of interview:

-If any member of the company comes to you with the argument that there is bad smell of sweat is coming from the body of his colleague then what will you do?


Intel also had asked a different question at the time of interview and it is not easy for the person to give the answer of this type of confusing question.



Intel Interview

Intel Company asked question at interview:

-Design one rake of spices for Blind person



Sysco Interview

In interview the company like Sysco also arise the hard question which the person is not able to give the answer and for the answer of that question the person have to use his talent and mind both.

Question asked by Sysco Company:

-Which type of tree you want to be?



Boeing Interview

Boeing company also asked the hard question at the time of the interview which make put the person in confusion and to answer that question a person need good common sense and talent.

Boeing Company asked question at the time of interview:

-What you think about Lava Lamp?


So, Be Prepared for this kind of Strange Que if you are going to Appear in this Companies…

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