Success Story of Bharat Desai : Chairman and Co-Founder of Syntel Inc

Greatly dignified people of Gujarat have settled in not only Gujarat but including our country and abroad also. Wherever we go around the world we find at least one successful Guajarati at the every corner of the world.

Bharat Desai and wife Neerja Sethi founded IT consulting and outsourcing company Syntel in 1980 from their apartment in Troy, Mich. The couple, who met as students at the U. of Michigan, invested $2,000 to get it going. Syntel now generates over $900 million in revenue and has more than 24,500 employees across the globe.

Business, agriculture or any other field in all we see Gujarati over there. People of Gujarat have been settled in most of the foreign countries also means not only in the business sector but also in every field Gujaratis have made Gujarat to be proud.

chairman and founder of Syntel company
chairman and founder of Syntel company

Gujarati people including India, in abroad also they have spread the skill and strength of Gujarat. With their talent and skill Gujaratis are able to shine in all over the world. One such is the richest person is Bharat Desai, who has been often appeared on the Forbes list.

He had started his company with only 2000 dollar and today this Gujarati is the owner of 2.6 billion dollar. The native of his family is in Valsad but they have settled in Africa since many years ago. Bharatbhai was born in 1953 at Kenya.

After that he was settled in America. Bharatbhai had gained IIT degree from India and also achieved MBA degree in finanace. He was working with Tata Consultancy and after that he thought to make his career bright so his own company Syntel.

When in 1980 he started his company he was having only 2000 dollar. Syntel is the company of IT and outsourcing that he made it popular in the year 1997. In the year 1992 he opened first branch in Mumbai and today there are 4000 employes working under him.

Syntel Company had more than 30 offices in al over the world and more than 24,500 employes working in the company. In the year 2009 he became the chairman of Syntel Company. While his wife Nirja Shethy is the Vice President and Co-Founder of the Company.

He came to America having few dollars of money and now he is the owner of plenty of money. His net worth is 2.6 billion dollars. In the list of Forbes, from top 400 list he is at the 268th position. While in the list of 2015 World’s Richest person he is at the 714th position.

He is also connected with many education organization and also a member of Board. “I did know that the industry (information technology and outsourcing) was going to grow significantly and with the right moves, we could outpace the overall industry growth and we have been fortunate,” said Desai. Syntel is today a leading IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting and BPO firm.

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