Shahrukh Khan Shares about How to Live Life ‘King Khan Size’

As a Self-Made Man, Shahrukh Khan lives Life King-Size or say ‘King Khan Size’. He’s Known as much for his strong likes and dislikes as for the 100 crore blockbusters he delivers each year. This year King Khan SRK celebrated his 50th birthday and at that birthday bash, he shared his views about How to Live Life King Khan Size.

He called Salman Khan a stud! :

Yes, that happened. SRK said, “I love Salman. He’s cool guy, a stud, and a superstar. After Arpita Khan’s marriage last year, Salman and Shahrukh are sharing warm relations and time to time they are presenting their love and concern to each other.

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

Pretty interesting stuff to say about turning 50:

Srk said, “I don’t have special attachment to any number. Whether it’s box office number or age. I am working hard and I love what I am doing. So it doesn’t matter much. Like Farah told me you will feel a bit different when you get up tomorrow. But when I did, I didn’t feel anything.”

Admitted that he wouldn’t choose any other life than this:

Shahrukh Khan was also gracious enough to say that “I am happy with the life that I have. And I wouldn’t choose any other life than this.”

About Birthday Celebration in Childhood:

Shahrukh Khan shared that when he was kid, his family was not capable enough to arrange a birthday party.

Shahrukh Khan with Shahrukh Khan with Wife Gauri KhanWife Gauri Khan
Shahrukh Khan with Wife Gauri Khan

About His Chain Smoking:

The people who are not addicted to smoke, are advising me to leave that habit, Said SRK.

The best thing to say about his social media fans:

“Yaar, agar gaali kisiko deni hain to mooh pe do, peeth peeche nahi.  Who sab handle wandle ke piche nahi saamne do.” Damn right!

About his daughter Suhana:

King Khan talked about how his daughter, Suhana, wants to learn acting and that he would like open an acting school for kids. He also shared his wish to open an acting school in India.

Talked about AbRam:

He said, “I like bathing Abram!” How cute is that!

India's Biggest Superstar
India’s Biggest Superstar

Also admitted that he thought women wouldn’t like him:

Come on, Shahrukh! That’s heights of modesty! According to him, he never thought that girls would like him and he was scared of being rejected. He also shared that during his 10th and 12th he was used to stand in a corner during parties as he was scared of being rejected.

Being a total sport, our dear Shahrukh Khan wished team Bajirao Mastani all the best. Bajirao Mastani is also releasing on the same day with his movie Dilwale on 18 December 2015.

Before this, we have also shared India’s biggest Star Shahrukh Khan’s Sense of Humour.

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