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Rachana Trivedi from Rajkot : Saina Nehwal’s Guest for Dubai World Superseries Finals 2015

Rachana Trivedi from Rajkot to Support Saina Nehwal in DUbai
Written by Team Maffat

In the world of sports today females are not less than male players. We can say females are now becoming famous in sports world. Badminton is the platform where many female players have become famous like Saina Nehwal who is an Indian badminton player. She is currently ranking No.1 in the world Badminton World Federation Women’s Singles 2015.

Recently an online international level competition was held by Dubai Where some of the spectators have to be present to encourage Indian star player Saina Nehwal. So this competition was organized Saina to select some spectators to be present in the upcoming Saina’s badminton competition. In this competition leaving behind lakhs of youth Rachana Trivedi was selected to become Saina’s guest.

Rachana Trivedi from Rajkot

Rachana Trivedi from Rajkot

Rachana Trivedi belongs to Rajkot, Gujarat which is a great pride for Gujarat. From Monday, 7th December 2015 till 5 days Rachana is going to stay with Saina Nehwal at Dubai and will encourage her in the badminton competition. The online competition was held on Twitter and Facebook where 10 lakh youths were participating. From that only 20 competitors were to be selected.

Rachana Trivedi with Saina Nehwal in Dubai

Rachana Trivedi with Saina Nehwal in Dubai

This competition was organized in 3 rounds. In the 1st round questions were asked related to Saina Nehwal. In the 2nd round different pictures were shown and imagination answers were to be given. In this way last round was to prepare various slogans to encourage Saina. Rachana Trivedi had strongly decided to win this competition who is the daughter of Jagdishbhai Trivedi belonging to Rajkot. She is also brilliant in studies and have gained Gold Medal in MBA.  Recently she is an employee in Gandhinagar as TCS Manager.

Neha Kakkar Live Show in Rajkot 2015

Neha Kakkar Live Show in Rajkot 2015

Rachana’s creativity is seen in her slogans which she had prepared for Saina. One of her slogan was, “Hindustan Ho Gaya Hai Ek Aur Trofee Ke Liye Taiyar, Saina Chala Do Aaj Tumhare Racket Ki Talwar”. In this way she made 30 slogans in the competition and judges were much impressed by her.

When it was turn to announce the result from lakhs of youth only 20 competitors were to be chose, Rachana Trivedi was the only selected from all over Gujarat and one and only from Rajkot. Really this is the great pride to be taken for Rajkotians. We appreciate Rachana Trivedi for her intelligence and making herself fame in Rajkot.

How Rachana will be treated as guest:

Rachana trivedi from Rajkot who was selected in the competition to become guest of Saina Nehwal in her upcoming badminton competition to encourage her. On Monday afternoon Rachana will depart from Rajkot airport to Mumbai. From Mumbai she will go Dubai in airlines with Saina. In Dubai Rachana will stay in a hotel where Saina will be staying. During Saina’s practice time Rachana will be with her and at the day of match she will be seen with Saina wearing T-shirt autographed by Saina. Along with Rachana the 20 competitors who were selected will also be treated as guest and will stay along with Saina Nehwal only till 5 days.

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