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Most Popular Apps 2015 : Helpful Android Applications

Most Popular Apps 2015 Helpful Android Applications
Written by Team Maffat

Now a days people are using smartphones. People are using lots of APPS according their work and makes their life easy. There are many APPS available on Google Play Store. So we can download from it and makes their work easy.

Every day so many applications are launched on play stores. Some applications are very useful that we can get its help at any time if there is any problem in our smartphone. Here we talk about the year of 2015, the messaging app WhatsApp and social networking site FaceBook is most popular.

Here we gives some information about the most popular APPS of 2015.

Android Device Manager:

If you loss your smartphone then you can find out it by using this APP. But your phone should be connected with your google account. You can reset the lock pin by using this APP. And if you wish to delete some data then also you can delete by this APP. You can get location of your lost phone by help of Android Device Manager.

People can free download Android Device Manager from google play store. The size of this APP is 1.9 MB. For install to this APP to in your phone, you should have up to 2.3 of OS in phone.The APP has been downloaded by more than 1 millions people nearly.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager


If you want to some noted down then this APP is best option for yours. You can creates coolest notes during the meeting, working, etc by using EVERNOTE. Evernote provides some facilities like add the photo, add voice and also provides search some particular voice. This APP can search text which is written on photo.

You can download this APP from Google Play Store and its size is not fixed. Because its size is depends on Operating System. EVERNOTE has been downloaded by more than 5 millions of people.



Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher provides new home screen to its users every day. In Buzz Launcher, themes are more than 8 lakhs and USP customization of its. You can also change the theme of totally home screen and clock, calendar, APPS which are available in your smartphone.

In this APP, multiple level customization available so the phone cannot easily unlock and hack. The size of Buzz Launcher is 9.9 MB. This APP is working on up to 4.0.3 Operating System. Buzz Launcher has been downloaded by more than 1 millions of people.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher

Swiftkey Keyboard:

By using this APP, if one time user will start to write something then user can get next word. In short it will suggest in writing.

Some users could not type in touch screen then this APP will be helpful to them. This APP is Multi-Lingual. Swiftkey APP has been downloaded by more than 1 millions of people. And its size not fixed because its size is depending on Operating System of Android phone.





This APP is made for social media site Tweeter. By using this APP, you can organize your own timeline. It means you can managed category, tweet schedule, multiple accounts, etc.

And also you can edit your favourite tweet and can retweet. The size of this APP is 7.4 MB. But if you want to use this APP in your phone, then you should have up to 2.3 of Android Operating System. TweetCaster has been installed by 5 millions of people.



Google Music:

If you don’t want to listening music in another music APPS then Google Music can be the best option of yours. It is provides platform in between your phone’s music library and desktop browser.

Google gives facility to download free song to you that is a main thing of Google Music. But you should have to purchase trackers and full albums from Android Market. There are more than 500 millions of people has been downloaded to this APP. The size of this APP will be changed according to android version of phone.

Google Music

Google Music


Yelp is very useful to you when you are going to some place and you are unfamiliar from this place.

You can search best restaurants according to particular area by using Yelp. It will shows address and maps, also shows menu card and its price. If you have to give party to your family and friends then Yelp can be the best option of yours.

The size of this APP is not fixed because its size is depends on Android Operating System.



So these are the most famous APPS of 2015. All APPS can free download from Google Play Store.

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