Most Expensive/ Costliest Cities in India 2015 : Cost of Living Based List

Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, held its position as the most expensive city in India and is ranked above Dallas, Frankfurt and Vancouver, according to a recent survey. Here we have a list of Most Expensive Cities in India.

In the Given list, there is a consideration of cost of living. The most expensive Indian Cities List includes the cities where the people are getting job easily and with high salary. People are getting good salaried jobs and with the help of it, people are living a luxurious life. The cost of living in the given cities is very high which makes that cities, one of the most costly city in India.

7th expensive city of India 2015:

Pune (Maharashtra)

Facilities in Pune: The facilities related to education sector

Industries present in Pune: Automobile sector and Sugar industry


6th expensive city of India:

Hyderabad (Telangana)

Industries present in Hyderabad: Pharmacy and Biotechnical Companies


5th expensive city of India:

Kolkata (West Bengal)

Rank of Kolkata in the world: 193

Industries present in Kolkata: IT Companies, Bata India, ITC and BIRLA

Expensive Indian Cities
Expensive Indian Cities

4th expensive city of India:

Bangalore (Karnataka)

Rank of Bangalore in the world: 157

Bangalore famous as: IT hub


3rd expensive city of India:

Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

The city famous as: The home of 24 companies

The good facilities provided by this city: Medical facilities


2nd expensive city of India:


Rank of Delhi in the world: 132

The industry present in the Delhi: Health care service centre, Automobile manufacturing centre, and real estate sector


1st expensive city of India:


Ranking in the world: 74

Famous for: Bollywood Industry and other big Industries

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