List of Super Power Countries of the World Which Were Debtors

Super Power countries in this century!!!. It is very important that if any country becomes Super Power but many times it has happened that the currently super power countries were Debtor in the past and not only for the one time but more than it.

In the beginning of this year, many question of the economy of Greece had arisen. The price of crude oil is decrease in the international market so after 1940 one another time the economy Venezuela is in problem. So in this situation it is assumed that the country Venezuela will create debt on it. Before this, Venezuela country has created 11 times debt on it. There are many countries in the world who creates debt on it then also they are said superpower countries of the world.


No other country of the world has created debt as many time as Germany created it due to the war. After the development of industrialization, Germany get included in the financially strong countries in the world. The Germany was declared debtor country in the year 1932 for the first time.

Why Germany have to create debt on it:

For war on it

How many times it become Debtor:

8 times

Current GDP of Germany:

3.842 lac crore dollar

List of Super Power Countries which were Debtors
List of Super Power Countries which were Debtors


In last decade for the reason of industrialization the agriculture sector in Chile faced many problem and it affects the economic system of Chile. And for this reason Chile creates debt on itself.

In year 1960 how many times Chile creates debt on it:

6 times

In which year Chile creates last time debt on it:

In year 1983

Total how many times it goes in the situation of debt:

9 times

Current GDP of Chile:

26,490 crore dollar



The country Brazil also create debt on itself. It faces many economic problem. It becomes deftful many a times due to its economic problem.

Reason why Brazil creates debt on it:

For the political problem

For the party changes in army and after it all economic policies not run properly.

For the deflation in International market

The no. of times Brazil creates debt on it:

Total 9 times

The last time Brazil create debt on it:

In year 1988

Present GDP size of Brazil:

3.259 lac crore dollar



The country Costa Rica is situated on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. With the help of America and IMF (International Monetary Fund) the country Costa Rica make the development of it and at present it is the country which get highest per head income of American countries.


How many times Costa Rica have debt in year 1980:

Total 9 times

Present GDP of Costa Rica:

7432 crore dollar



At the end of Colonial Era in Spain the Spain have to suffer a problem of public expenses. The government of Spain decide to make the low budget to maintain the economic situation.


In which Century Spain become debtor:

19th Century

How many times Spain goes into the debt:

8 times

Current GDP of Spain:

1.619 lac crore



The country Ecuador is the neighbor country of Venezuela. In year 1926 the Ecuador becomes debtor after its first independence fight. It becomes debtor through the deflation in international market.


How many times it becomes debtful:

10 times

The last time it goes in the debt:

In year 2008

Current rate of GDP in Ecuador:

1802 crore dollar



Venezuela and Ecuador are that countries which goes into debt more times than any other country. With the reducing price in oil and for the political issues in the country it becomes debtor.


How many times it goes in the debt:

11 times

Last time it goes into the debt:

In year 2004

Present GDP of Venezuela:

53892 crore dollar

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