Join Give It Up Or Keep Blaming PM Narendra Modi

Government had provided a Gas Subsidy for the common people. But the question is why government have provided this subsidy??? This subsidy is provided for the peole for who are not financially well enough. People who are poor and cooks food using firewood truly need the gas subsidy for LPG cylinders.

But here, why people who are well enough earning needs subsidy!! Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges people to give up the subsidy and provide to them who cannot afford LPG cylinders. After PM’s announcement many people had put into this idea positively. Almost 2.8 lakh people gave up for subsidy and around 100 crores rupees have been saved and this amount can be used for betterment of poor.

PM Narendra Modi Arrives in Gujarat to Inaugurate Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2015

Though this initiative is good but the thing is no people will pay from their pockets. Because the poor will never receive this benefits untill rich will not give up their subsidy. The scenerio becomes, “The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer”. Every corporator, Ministers, MLA, MP should give their subsidy as they are already well settled to have healthy, nutritious food for 2 times but the scenario is not that.

Many MLAs, Corporators, MPs are still taking LPG subsidy from the Government. All the Government Officials and Politicians are getting so many wages and even food at MINOR charges in parliament so why they are taking subsidies??? Are they that much poor that can’t afford food for their families???

There are many poors in India who don’t even afford  a one time meal while we are enjoying a full meal without botthering about poor citizen. Every citizen of India dutifully pays their all taxes but in the parliament they enjoy benefits of our taxes and live priviledge life. The MP’s and MLA’s should give up their subsidy and set an example for the rich. It will be unfair for the middle- class who already pays higher taxes. The government should remove this subsidy as this benefits are not getting to whom it is need but they take benefits who don’t even need it.

Today 70% of families do nat use LPG cylinders. Today everything has become costly and and the poors are not able to afford many things. Atleast we cant help them out from anything other things we should atleast help them by giving up of subsidies. So this is a small effort for every rich citizen.

PM Narendra Modi had already gave up gas subsidy, now its our turn to implement this idea. Because this idea will not go ahead if only one person does it.

We need to work as ‘INDIANS’  If we really want  ACCHHE DIN Or any single person or PM Modi alone can’t change anything…

So say no to gas subsidies…..


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