How to Claim Insurance – Life Health Vehicle Property Insurance Claim Tips

The loss we have due to the Earthquake, Flood, Robbery, etc. is only repaid by the insurance. But most of people do not know how to make the claim of the insurance. The peoples have to face many problems to take the insurance claim in their worst situation and in any accident. For this we should also know how to do the claim of the insurance.


How will you do the Claim:

-First of all inform the police that how much loss you have through any accident and also give the information that loss is occurred due to natural calamities like Earthquake, Flood, etc. or due to robbery, etc. and make FIR of it.

-Get the Tho claim form through the policy company and read it carefully and properly

-Submit the proper documents with the application of your claim. This documents contains Police report, letter of doctor, etc.


How many percent Nominee knows how to claim:

15 percent Only


All documents should be proper:

To get the claim of insurance the documents is very necessary. The person who want to make the claim should properly kept their documents at proper place because it is necessary to submit all the documents when the person want to make the claim on the insurance company. If the person have all documents at proper place then he easily get the claim through insurance company.


Name of Nominee:

In insurance claim the name of nominee must be presented, the person should announce the name of nominee at that time when he take the insurance. If person not announce the name of the nominee then it is difficult for insurance company that to whom he give the money of insurance.


Documents of Nominee:

Whenever the person is taking the claim of insurance he should provide the proper documents of his nominee. The person should give the identity proof. If the instant death of person is there then he have to submit the death certificate. And if death is occur due to accident then FIR copy should be submitted.


Life Insurance:

In life insurance there is mutual understanding between person and insurance company. The insurance company have to pay for the accidents like death, retirement etc.


Health Insurance:

Health insurance is taken for the bad health. Here in this insurance the person have to pay the premium to the insurance company and if the person have any dangerous disease then insurance company will accept the claim according to their understanding.


Motor Insurance:

In motor insurance the insurance company will pass the claim the insurance company give the claim of robbery, strike, road accidents, etc.


Property Insurance:

For Home, Stock, etc. the property insurance is to be taken by the person from the insurance company. In this insurance the value of property is divided into two parts (1) Market Value and (2) Reinstatement Value

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