Holi Festival 2016 : Festival of Colors Celebration in India

Holi is the popular festival of India. Holi is the second biggest festival of Hindus after Diwali. Holi is also known as festival of colours. Holi is one of the spring festival of India. Holi festival start with Holika Bonfire before the night of Holi. The next day after Holika Bonfire it is the day of colors and all people play with spreading colours on each other. Every person celebrate this festival joyfully. It is the biggest festival so all people each and every poor, rich, young, old, children enjoy this festival and celebrate it.

Holi Festival 2016 Date/Holika Dahan 2016 Date:

23rd March 2016, Wednesday

Holi Dhuleti Festival 2016 Date:

24th March 2016, Thursday

When is Holi celebrated?

Holi is celebrated at the end of Winter Season. On the last full moon day of Lunar month “Phalgun” which is usually falls in month of February/March. Most prominently it celebrates the beginning of spring. On 23rd March 2016, Wednesday evening there will be Holika Dahan and people will take circles around that burning lights and on 24th March 2016, People will enjoy festival of colors with lots of fun and food and enjoyment.

Holi Celebration in Gujarat
Holi Celebration in Gujarat

Why Holi celebration is there?

Holi is originate from the “Holika” the evil sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu. This demon king was not believing in prayer of god and he thinks that he is bigger than god so every person should do prayer of him instead of God.

But his own son Prahlad was biggest devote of lord Vishnu. So the demon king Hiranyakashipu decided to give hard punishment to his son Prahlad. And he decided to kill him so his sister holika was having a cloak if she wear it than no fire can kill her. So to kill Prahlad she made plan and she seat on fire with Prahlad by wearing a cloak to kill Prahlad. But a big flow of air came and that cloak flew away.

So holika dead in that fire and lord Vishnu save prahlad because he was a big devote of lord Vishnu. In this happiness all peoples celebrate the festival of Holi and next day all people celebrate Dhuleti by spreading colours on each other.

Holi as a festival of color:

Holi is known as the festival of colors. Because after Holika Bonfire on other morning all people play with different colorful colors and also enjoy by spreading colors on each other and small children fill the color water in balloons and throw on each other and some people also make fun of peoples living beside them by spreading lot of black color on them.

In market there are many types of colour are present and people buy that colours according to their choice. Small children demand for “Pichkaris” to play with coloured water. And they also purchase Balloons from the market.

So celebrate this Holi with your friends and family members.

Happy Holi 2016 in Advance….

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