Donald Trump Wants to Ban the Entries of Muslim Religion in the United States


Donald Trump wants to Ban Muslims in USA
Donald Trump wants to Ban Muslims in USA

Mr. Donalt Jhon Trump is an American Business Tycoon, Invester, Television Personality, Auther and Republican Candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 Presidential Election in America.

Donald Trump Proposed in White House in 2016 to ban the entries of Muslims in the United States, Sparked a Fire of Indignant reaction in USA and across the Globe.

Donald Trump Said that “I have Many Muslim Friends, they are very good people. But they know there is a problem, and we can not tolerate”  in meeting in South Carolina, a few hours after announcing yesterday he wanted to close US borders to Muslims “Untill we are able to identify and understand the problems”


Although this Outrageous Statements, the Candidate Leading the polls for primary of his party, this time broke all records.

And Political reaction to measure of a proposal that clearly seems to directly violate the US Constitutional and the prohibition of Religious Discrimination.


The convictions were appealed to the United States of America, Even among Republican rivels Donald Trump, was thus treated as “Unbalanced” Democratic side, the White House immedialy denounced and idea “Country to our Values”.

One Leading News Paper of Philadelphia’s Headling of the front page was “The New Furor” making parallel with Hitler.


David Cameron, Prime Minister of British is in his word “Total Disagreement” with his Proposal.

In France, PM Manuel Valls Criticized Donald Trump, by Saying “Maintain Hatred and Amalgams”


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