Disappearing Swimming Pool with Rising Floor : Amazing Creativity

Day by Day living standards are rising high and the rich people are spending their money to make their home, lifestyle more luxurious with the help of technology and creative people. If Rich people are ready to pay money than many creative Engineering Companies are ready to satisfy their needs. Here we have very amazing creativity which is ‘Disappearing Swimming pool with rising floors’.

Agor Creative Engineering specialize in something what you can never imagine. Agor has designed amazing incredible movable swimming pool.

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Assume that you are having a dry deck that comes down to become an in-ground pool by just pressing a single button. The movable pool floor can submerge below water, or rise above it to become a durable deck.

By covering the pool when not in use, it improves pool safety, protecting children and pets from falling in. Originally designed for commercial settings, movable floors that conceal swimming pools are showing up in luxury homes. This transforming pool disappears before your eyes, with the push of a button & in no time the pool shrinks to deck.

Amazing Creativity of engineering
Amazing Creativity of engineering

The deck is made of wooden planks or concrete. Thus, it is robust and with strength.

Water based hydraulic System powers the floor. When required, the stairs in the pool can sink in and merge with the floor.

Originally designed for commercial settings, this is now the symbol and signature of royalty and is becoming a mandatory thing for any luxurious residence. Average Movable Pool Cost 320 USD per square foot.

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