Chhavi Rajawat: India’s First and Youngest Woman Village Sarpanch

No one can think about the person who is highly qualified can work for the society in the village. That person is none other but a youngest lady Chhavi Rajawat. She had done her MBA from Pune. She has worked for the companies like Times of India, Carlson Group of Hotels and Airtel. She thinks for the change in small villages as she wants to make some difference.

Chhavi Rajawat
Chhavi Rajawat

India’s First Women MBA Sarpanch 2010 Chhavi Rajawat is a Sarpanch Baisaa of Soda village, near Jaipur, Rajasthan is an educated young woman, who wears jeans, drives an SUV and rides

Basically she is from village, Soda, Rajasthan and she wants to bring change in her own village. For this she wants to become first woman Sarpanch in Soda village with an MBA degree. Though she is an elected representative for Sarpanch she does not belong to any political party. Seeing her in a jeans everyone thinks her as she is a model or bollywood actress. But she is a youngest woman Sarpanch. A 30 – year – old Chhavi Rajawat wish to make some difference.

This village is 60 kilometres away from Jaipur and it is in change today of growing rural India. In a very little span of years she has done much for her village. She started supplying drinking water and facilitate in constructing in more than 40 roads.

India's FIrst Woman Sarpanch
India’s FIrst Woman Sarpanch

In one of the intervie  Chhavi said, “If India continues to make progress at the same pace as it has for the past 65 years since independence, it just won’t be good enough. We’ll be failing people who dream about having water, electricity, toilets, schools and jobs. I am convinced we can do it differently and do it faster.”

She has also started Swacch Bharat Abhiyan in which she works for the villagers to build toilets in their residents. Today out of 900 houses, 800 houses have been constructed toilets. And a soft drink company is spending 20 lakh rupees for cleaning village pond as it is the only source of drinking water.

MBA Sarpanch of Soda Village
MBA Sarpanch of Soda Village

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