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Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather : Luxurious Life of World’s Richest Athlete

World's Luxurious Athlete Floyd Mayweather
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The world’s richest athlete, Floyd Mayweather is an American retired boxer player but due to his luxurious hobbies, he is always in the gossip. Floyd Mayweather is the world’s first richest boxer player. The net worth of Mayweather is $650 million. Mayweather was seen at a strip club with plenty of money spreaded on the floor.

Floyd Mayweather at Dubai

Floyd Mayweather in Dubai

As he was seen resting on the spread money on floor, that photo was captured by media and was shared on social site and Instagram. American boxer Mayweather was on the world tour for 13 days. Where this richest boxer went to Iceland, Mosco, Monto Carlo, France, Rome, Milan, Dubai Egypt and many more places.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

American boxer Mayweather is the world’s richest athlete. Mayweather is such a player whose income is 10 crore more than the player who is of same country, Tiger Woods. Mayweather is the owner of Rs. 1,876 crore and considered as the richest athlete among whole world. He topped the 50 highest paid athletes’ lists of Forbes and Sports.

World's Richest Athlete

World’s Richest Athlete

Mayweather was gifted Indian Tiger as his Christmas gift

Mayweather was gifted Indian Tiger as his Christmas gift

Floyd-Mayweather-Jr Watch Collection

Floyd-Mayweather-Jr Watch Collection

Floyd Mayweather's Cars Collection

Floyd Mayweather’s Cars Collection


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