Beauty and Skin Care Benefits of Sugar : Sugar Beauty Tips

Everyone likes Sugar in the world. Sugar adds sweetness to our food. It makes the food tasty and it is also beneficial for our skin and beauty. Have you ever imagined of making your skin glorious with the use of Sugar???

We can get a glorious skin with the use of sugar. Sugar is also used for exfoliation. Sugar is having so many advantages for our skin also. Here we have some homemade tips for your skin and beauty with the use of Sugar.

The 5 ways of using the Sugar for beauty:

For Glorious Skin


It is used for Stretch Mark Removal

For Soft Lips

For Skin Moisturizer


Use of Sugar for Glorious Skin:

Sugar is suitable for every type of skin. Make one paste by adding sugar, olive oil, and few drops of Lemon juice then spread this paste on your face for 15 min and then scrub it and wash it with hot water.

Homemade Beauty TIps with the Use of Sugar
Homemade Beauty Tips with the Use of Sugar

Sugar for Exfoliation:

The dead skin make our face dull so sugar is the best way to remove the dead skin. Take two spoon sugar then add one spoon hot coconut oil then mix it properly. We can apply it on other parts of our body also then scrub it and wash it with hot water.


Sugar used for Stretch Mark Removal:

During weight loss and during pregnancy one normal problem of stretch mark is there we can remove it by making paste of sugar, coffee, almond oil and honey then massage it on the stretch mark it will remove stretch mark in few days.

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For Soft Lips:

We can use sugar also to make our lips soft in winter. Take some sugar and put some juice of beat in it and then apply it on your lips it will make your lips soft and smooth.

Sugar as a moisturizer for skin:

In winter there is big problem of dry skin. To pass out with this problem take some sugar and add it with a sesame oil and make a smooth paste of it. Then put few drops of Nilgiri oil in it which gives coolness and freshness to our face. Now apply this paste on face and neck for 15 min and then wash it with hot water.

Scrubs: For healthy skin and to increase the micro circulation of skin scrub is very necessary. Sugar contains exfoliant agent so take one spoon sugar and add some almond oil in it and also put few drops of lemon juice in it and apply it on the affected area the daily use of it will give a good result.

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