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A student studying in Britain showed in one of his photography about the life of Indian women who have been attacked by acid attackers. In the year 2014 this boy from Britain came to Agra for the first time. There he got to know about Sheroes Hangout Café where the girls who had been the victim of acid attackers were working there.

The boy said he had to come at India for the research and at that time only he got to know about Sheroes Hangout. He want to know keenly about the life of girls who were victims of acid attackers. So he learned hindi language in 4 months in order to talk with the victims.

After coming to Agra he met with a girl named Ritu who was also a victim of acid attackers. After that he met with of the girls who were victims. Sheroes Hangout had given this girls a new life. So this girls are living a self – respected life.

Victim of Acid Attack
Victim of Acid Attack

According to victims they have been attacked for the strange reasons. Some of them rejected the marriage proposal and the relatives in order to take revenge, an acid was thrown on girl’s face. Whenever we visit to Agra, once we should visit Sheroes Hangout Café to know the life style of acid attacker victims.

“Corporate offices don’t want to employ us because of the way we look, working at the Sheroes Hangout Café makes us feel empowered,” said one of the victim. On the walls of the Café, pictures of the fashion photo shoot done by photographer Rahul Saharan which went viral on social media can be seen there.

Before the acid attack, girls were having many dreams to do something in their life. But for now, the cafe is their world. And you will feel the happy vibes here, the fairy lights on the windows, the bright walls and the happy smiles.

Sheroes HangoSheroes HangouSheroes Hangout Cafet Cafet Cafe
Sheroes Hangout Cafe

When the question was asked, what is the meaning of beauty for them? One of the girl answered, “Outer beauty is momentary. I have been able to move on from the anger & hurt. I feel being beautiful inside is more important. That lasts a lifetime. What will you do by just being bodily beautiful? Even the ones who threw acid at me were beautiful from outside…Right?”

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