Saurashtra Economy : Famous Business/Industry in Saurashtra Region of Gujarat India

Saurashtra is the region in Gujarat state of India. Saurashtra is famous for its hospitality, food, culture and industries. Saurashtra has retained its culture and hospitality in tuning with modern industrial era and development. Vibrant Saurashtra Expo and Summit 2016 will be held in Rajkot and it will be organized for focusing Saurashtra based industries and provide them further progress.

The growth of economy ultimately make the region, the state and country grow more and provide better lifestyle standard to the people. VSES 2016 Rajkot venue city Rajkot is the industrial and especially Auto Industry hub in India.

Famous Business/Industry in Saurashtra Region of Gujarat India :

Despite of varied climate, hydrology and landscape, Saurashtra region has been flourishing region and rich in natural resources since early times. During 20th century, Saurashtra has gone through several droughts but still we can say Saurashtra has progressed noticeable.

Industries such as Machineries, Chemicals, Food products & Beverages and other non-metallic mineral products form the key businesses contributing to majority of its industrial output of the region. The Ship Breaking industry in Bhavnagar and the fabricated metal product and equipment, including brass parts, forms the two prominent clusters of Alang and Jamnagar.

Ship Breaking Industry in Bhavnagar and Jamnagar clusters have huge economic potential, high employment and its direct benefit goes to the coastal region of Saurashtra. India’s father Mahatma Gandhi’s birth place Porbandar is rich in limestone, bauxite, chalk and fisheries resources.

Vibrant Saurashtra 2016 Promoted by Maffat
Vibrant Saurashtra 2016 Promoted by Maffat

Junagadh district of Saurashtra is having important industries including oil mills, limestone and chalk powder mining and salt manufacturing. Rajkot is the central city of Saurashtra region in all aspects. Rajkot is the biggest city in the Saurashtra. Rajkot is India’s no. 1 city for Oil Engine, Casting, Forgings, Hardware products, leading in S.S. Kitchen ware, Silver Ornaments, Bearings, Chemicals and CNC Machineries.

Major Companies in Saurashtra region are

Reliance Industries Ltd in Khavdi Jamnagar

Essar Oil Refinery in Vadinar

Tata Chemicals in Mithapur

Saurashtra Cement Limited – Hathi Cement in Porbandar

Ultratech Cement in Jafrabad & Rajula of Amreli district

Ambuja Cement in Ambujanagar of Gir Somnath district

Agrocel Industries Ltd in Kukama, Bhuj

Turbo Bearings in Rajkot

Orbit Bearings in Rajkot

Rolex Rings in Rajkot

Balaji Wafers in Rajkot

Sheth Brothers in Rajkot

BAN Labs in Rajkot

Nirma in Ahmedabad

Ajanta Clock in Morbi

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Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit 2016 in Rajkot Gujarat Details

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VSES 2016 Rajkot Organizers : Govt of Gujarat Octagon Comm & GN

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Vibrant Saurashtra Expo and Summit 2016 is the event to be held in Rajkot for 3 days for creating vibrant platform for the development of Saurashtra region. VSES 2016 Rajkot is the event in series of Vibrant Gujarat Summit and Vibrant Kutch Expo and Summit.


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