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PDC means Polycrystalline Diamond Composite or Compact.

PDC are made by combining some layers of Polycrystalline Diamonds (PCD) with a layer of cemented carbide liner at high temperature and high pressure.

PDCs are among the most rigid of all diamond tool materials.


This Kind of PDC Tools is being Manufactured in Rajkot Gujarat India by Pramukh Enterprise Rajkot.

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If you are an Industry Person than you may Knowing the process of PDC Manufacturing. This very Difficult Process is Exclusively done by Pramukh Enterprise Rajkot (PDC Manufacturer in Rajkot Gujarat India).


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Pramukh Enterprise – PDC Tools Manufecturer is Awarded as the Best PDC Manufacturer in Gujarat by MAFFATCOM.

Here is Its Details :

Company Name : Pramukh Enterprise – PDC Tools Manufacturer

Contact No. of PDC Tools Manufacturer : +91 92768 11521

PDC Tools Manufacturer Address :

Pramukh Enterprise – PDC Tools Manufacturer,

2, Ghanshyam Industrial Area,

Old Jakat Naka,

B/H Pramukh Swami Way Bridge,

Dhebar Rd South,

Rajkot, Gujarat 360002


Pramukh Enterprise – PDC Manufacturer Vision :

Pramukh Enterprise Belives in High Quality Services. Extremely Precise and Accurate Work Delivered by Us.

We Process the Raw PDC and Make it Usable and Accurate Shiny PDC Tools.

PDC Tools - Pramukh Enterprise Rajkot
Raw Material


PDC Tools - Rajkot Gujarat India
PDC Tools – Accurate & Precise Product


Pramukh Entreprise – PDC Manufacturer Mission :

In Pramukh Enterprise we have the mission to Provide World Class Service Regards PDC Diamond Tools and All Kind of Carbide Tools.

We also Delivers the Service about All Kind of CNC Inserts. We also Provide Grinding Job Work in Mass Quantity Only.



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PDC Tools Pramukh Enterprise
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