Pavni Diwanji Google Vice President of Engineering : Gujarati Woman

Pavni Diwanji is a proud daughter of Gujarat. Many of you may have not heard about Pavni Diwanji but she is a very intelligent and proud daughter of Gujarat. Pavni Diwanji is a Vice President of Engineering at Google. Pavni Diwanji is leading the Google’s initiative to help reimagine Google’s products and programs for kids.

Pavni Diwanji has completed her B.E in Computer from LD College of Engineering in 1989. Pavni Diwanji’s father was employee of IBM.

Pavni Diwanji founded and led Google Apps for Business and other enterprise products. Prior to joining Google in 2005, she was an entrepreneur who started and sold many successful companies. Pavni also managed the communication and client software division encompassing email, instant messaging and toolbar products.

Vibrant Saurashtra 2016 Promoted by Maffat
Vibrant Saurashtra 2016 Promoted by Maffat

Pavni Diwanji started her career as a software engineer at Sun Microsystems. Pavni has won numerous entrepreneurship awards and holds several patents in the area of distributed systems and networking. Pavni holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

So Pavni Diwanji is a trues inspiration for the  passionate people and especially for the women. Pavni is a proud of Gujarat.



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