Islamic Banking – A Bank is Giving Loan without Taking Interest


The Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI) is a registered Charity and a not for profit company, incorporated as a UK company limited by guarantee with charitable objectives.


With members, students and other interested individuals and organisations that

literally span the globe, IIBI brings together people of all faiths, and those with no faith, to create the awareness of a viable alternative financial system that that aspires to realise fairness, justice and equity in dealings for the public good that must be accompanied by righteous behaviour and moral conduct . The important message of Islamic banking and insurance is that all financial dealings whether in the form of commercial transactions, financial products and services, must always produce a benefit and lead to goodness for the welfare of society. In otherwise, prevent harm to others and to society as a whole,


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IIBI’s aim is create a wider base of knowledge and understanding of the principles and methodologies of Islamic financial services by delivering the highest standards of education, learning and development with the moral underpinnings all disciplines in Islamic banking and insurance (takaful). To also maintain research and publications as well as encourage the exchange of ideas and information that serve the common good of humanity.

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