Bas Ek Chance Film Motion Poster : Urban Gujarati Movie Release Date and Star Cast

Bas Ek Chance is an upcoming Gujarati film. Bas Ek Chance is an urban Gujarati movie. Recently Bas Ek Chance movie team released their First motion poster. Bas ek Chance is a drama film directed by Kirtan Patel. Bas ek Chance movie is set to release on 25th September 2015.

Bas Ek Chance Film Star Cast:

Rajeev Mehta, Falguni Dave, Aditya Kapadia, Bhakti Kubavat, Mushtaq Khan, Alpesh Dhakan, Mitra Gadhvi

Bas Ek Chance Film Director & Producer:

Kirtan Patel

Bas Ek Chance Gujarati movie is directed and produced by Kirtan Patel. Bas Ek Chance Gujarati urban film star cast consists of many famous Gujarati actors including Rajeev Mehta, Aditya Kapadia, Falguni Dave and others. Upcoming urban Gujarati movie Bas Ek Chance is produced by Purple Wings Production.

Bas Ek Chance Gujarati Film:

Bas Ek Chance Film Story:

Bas ek Chance’ is an upcoming very good Gujarati film which is based on an individual’s passion to follow his dreams and do everything possible to make it into a reality. ‘Bas ek Chance’ is the story of an aspiring filmmaker, who overcomes many struggles in life and eventually achieves his dream.

Bas Ek Chance Film Release Date: 25 September 2015

Bas Ek Chance first motion picture is released on1 0 August 2015. It shows a young boy standing with his fingers crossed who is passionate to be a Film Director. The motion picture of Bas Ek Chance film is interesting. Dhollywood movies are getting popular in local public as in last 2 years various good Gujarati movies are released.

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