69th Independent Day of India : Are We Living in Truly Independent Nation?

On 15th August 2015, our country INDIA will complete 68 years of independence from the British rule. Independence of India has changed our lives completely and We, Indians are proud to be a citizen of India. The heart of every Indian is filled with respect, pride and unity.

But, Are we really independent? Are We Living in Truly Independent Nation???

The Constitution of India gives its citizens six rights known as the Fundamental Rights. We have the:

Right to Freedom

Right to Education and Culture

Right against Exploitation

Right to Equality

Right to Freedom of Religion

Right to Constitutional Remedies

Every Citizen of India want to use his/her rights but many of them never want to pay their duty towards nation. Only Central Government cannot change the scenario of our country or cannot make it DEVELOPED Country. People have to be active, responsible and sensible enough to understand the situation.

What I feel is that India will become independent when we are free from corruption which has to be wiped off from the grass root level. In whichever sector we go, starting from the clerk level to the higher officials, everyone is corrupt. They openly demand money in order to get work done.

Even during elections, people are voting to the candidate who gives them some money but never thinking about their future. Many politicians are just feeding their family by the money they are granted for public work.

Even in the 21st century people take a girl child to be a burden and force the pregnant lady to get abortion done after undergoing a sex determination check. On one hand we have role models like Chanda Kochhar- who was the only female CEO amongst all other men in the list of Top 10 CEO’s of India – and on the contrary, the male-female ratio even today is disturbing.

Everyone want to have all facilities, all technologies but no one is ready to join hands with Government to execute their plan. One should understand that if you alone understand your duty and do your job honestly then slowly but one day it will be change in the scenario.

Our Prime Minister has launched Swacch Bharat mission to make India clean but still people are not understanding their duty to keep their nearby area clean.

The crime rate has increased in the cities; not just women are being molested, teased on the way they dress, but also old age people and children are a victim of such crimes. Rape Cases and murder, kidnapping cases have become so common that no people are caring about that. If any big issue is created then they are just arranging candle march or destroying public properties….

On National festivals, we are taking our national flag but on the very next morning, we can find it in the garbage.

Is that the only respect we are giving to our National Flag?????

For us, Maffatcom the day everyone has access to the rights that are their due, everyone is treated equal, manual scavenging isn’t required by anybody, male-female ratio is equal, the aged people are no more a burden but respected the way they should be, women are not exploited or treated as commodities, people are educated, poverty is eradicated and employment opportunities are available to one and all, it is on that day that India will be truly independent for us.

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