Reservation in India – Some Well Educated and Equally Treated Cast in Society Needs Minority Rights


Reservation in India 1
Reservation in India

SC/ST/OBC Reservation or any reservation on basis of caste system can be a matter of regular discussion but here are consequences which we may enjoy. A Man behind this reservation was Mr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who brought reservation that converse one caste to another.

Reservation is a platform for certain section of society to help them grow at par others, and that step become the advantage for the politicians who don’t care about the very section but of their vote banks. Instead of Uniting India these tactics divide the nation among religion, caste and geographical basis and thus creating vote banks.


Reservation in India
Reservation in India

I have a Doubt that we are Educated or not????

No, I am Asking that if we are truly Educated that we should not support this kind of Stupidity of Reservation. It is harmful for not only for OPEN Category but for every one who lives in The India.

I am Writing this post just Because we heard one news in Gujarat now a days that One community called PATEL needs Reservation as Minority?!!!! This is the most Stupid Thing I ever heard. Because as a Residence of Gujarat I know the fact that Patel is not minority or that should not declared minority.


If this kind of Stupidity is Supported by Indian Government, I personally Prefer Government that

– Please Apply Reservation in Our National Cricket Team?

– Please Apply Reservation in ISRO?

– Please Apply Reservation in Politics??!! (OOPS… It is already there INDIRECTLY)

– Please give this Reservation Guys Some Concession in Taxes Also!!!

–  Please give this Reservation Students Some Easy Syllabus. !!

– Please give this Reservation Guys…………..!!!!!!!


Basically I am Teacher by Profession that’s why I am Demanding that if these Guys can arrange Rallies to do Stupidities, Don’t We the Citizens of The India should Fights for our Rights.???


We MAFFATCOM are not Against any Community or Cast, We are just Against the RESERVATION IN THE INDIA.

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