Mrs. Jyothi Reddy : Journey from Labourer to Keys Software Solutions CEO

Nothing can stop a human being from becoming what he/she wants to achieve in life.

Here we have an inspirational story about a woman who changed her destiny from a farm labourer to a CEO of USA based IT Company. Here is the true story of Ms. Jyothi Reddy who now owns a software company in the United States of America and who has a great vision to change many lives of women in rural India.

Mrs Jyothi Reddy Details :

Jyothi  was born in 1970 and she was the youngest among the five girl children in a poor family in India. Due to her family’s financial situation, she was admitted into a welfare orphanage. To get the admission, she had to become a motherless child.

She attended a government school while at the orphanage and she also took vocational course while residing in the superintendent’s house. Jyothi used to help her superintendent with their household work. She realized that to lead a beautiful life, she should get a decent job first. She started thinking for the ways to get into a job.

She had to marry at 16 to her cousin, instead of working on to make her dreams come true. After having 2 children, the situation became even worse as she had to work in the farms for a daily pay of Rs. 5 to take care of her children. These situations made her even stronger to stand and fight for life.

Then came an opportunity in the form of NYK (Nehru Yuva Kendra), a Central Government scheme which sought to create awareness among the youth. She took the opportunity and became a NYK Volunteer and later started teaching.

She used to stitch petticoats at night to make more money. She also learned typewriting. Apart from her bad financial situation, she also had to fight with family and society to do what she wanted to do. She studied and obtained a BA from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University in 1994 and studied for a postgraduate degree from the Kakatiya University on weekends and obtained it in 1997. This made her get a special teacher job for a salary of Rs. 398 per month. She used to travel for two hours to reach her school. She utilized this time to sell sarees to her co-passengers which gave her some extra income. Her struggle for life made her become conscious about the time and it showed her the ways to utilize the time available creatively.

She studied computer courses to get the eligibility to work in the US. She went to US by leaving her two daughters in a missionary hostel.

She wanted to start her own business and was looking for the suitable line of business to start. When she visited Mexico for stamping, she realized that she could start a consulting company as she was familiar with the paperwork involved with the Visa Processing. With her savings of $40000, she opened an office in Phoenix in 2011. She has been successfully running her company KEYSS since then. Her two daughters moved to US and completed their education in the American schools.


Mrs. Jyothi Reddy is a CEO of a USA Company With 5 Million $ Turnover.

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