iGIFCreator – iPhone and iPad Application

Nowadays, Animated image is common thing & It’s attract most of people by making animation..


But, if there is way to create your own Animated Image by using your own Photo collection.


Here, We develop thing for you named as “iGIFCreator“ . . .


Functionality :

  1. Choose your photos from Gallary
  2. Choose your photos form Dropbox
  3. Create GIF file (Animated image file) as per your requirements.
  4. View your GIF file
  5. View any of your device located GIF file
  6. Share your GIF image to Social Networks
  7. Make your own GIF image delay between Photos
  8. Make GIF image from your Video


Status :

Coming Soon . . .


Available :

Only on Apple AppStore


Developed By :

iHart Developers Group (www.ihartdevelopers.com)


Example of GIF :

 Click Here


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