Corruption in India : Read True Story about Corruption

As the Indians, we are very well Aware of term Corruption. HAMARE INDIA MEIN EK saying HEI “AGAR RISHVAT LETE HUE PAKDE JAO, TOH RISHVAT DE KE CHOOT JAO”.

Corruption is a most infallible symptom of the constitutional Liberty, We are totally Liberated.

In India we are habituated with corruption. Actually we consider corruption as legal fees. Most of Sarkari Babus are charging some fees for this kind of legal works and public has no option to avoid it. They have to give UNDER THE TABLE MONEY.

My Father is Non Corrupt Government Officer but his Friends are corrupted. I Would like to share one Conversation between my Father and his Friend, what my father’s Friend was talking,

“Are Sir, isse pehle mein jis jagah pe tha, waha to salaa FREE mei Kam Karna Padta tha”.!!!

WTF FREE!!! Government is paying more than Rs. 50K to this man and he said it was a free work?!!

After that my Father asked him that Now you are in good post. you may earn handsome money UNDER THE TABLE right?

On that que my father’s Friend answer that : “Yes Bapu, Ab to meine Peon ko Bol hi Diya hei to Sab log Application ke sath LAL WALE GANDHI JI staple kr k hi ate hein”

Proud of you Uncle..!!!!!!


This is just a small real story of our The Indian’s Mind Set. There are so many cases are being registered in The India every Year. Like,



2G Spectrum,

Common Wealth Game,


There are so many cases in The India that we react at a Time of knowing that issue and then we forget the Scandal or Scam.

I am not writing this post to Inspire someone. As I write “THE INDIA” in my Every Post, I am just Bagging to my The Indian Brothers and Sisters to do something so that I Can Write it here.

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