Computer/Desktop/Laptop Useful Tricks : One Should Know for Easy Use

Everyone is using desktop or laptop but everyone is not aware of Computer/Desktop/Laptop’s smart and handy tricks which can be useful to you at many times. Here we have some tips or tricks which can be useful to you.

Play Dinosaur running game on Chrome :

When you have lost your internet connection, you will get ‘Unable to Connect to the Internet’ and when you press Spacebar key, the dinosaur starts running and you can enjoy till your internet is connected back.

No Internet game
No Internet game

Use browser as an emergency notepad :

While you are working in the browser and you need to use notepad for some useful notes quickly, you can enter given below code in the address bar of your browser.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Notepad in Browser
Notepad in Browser

It will open temporary notepad for you in browser.

Add More than allowed bookmarks :

All you have to do is to go to already saved bookmarks and remove the name in them and you are now free to add half a dozen more.

Save More Bookmarks
Save More Bookmarks

Use Desktop for sharing files :

If your laptop is not having Bluetooth drivers or problems in connecting via Bluetooth to other device then here we have a solution for you.

Just go to run command and type fsquirt and you can now share and receive files with other devices.

Share Files without Bluetooth
Share Files without Bluetooth

Don’t close wanted tabs unwillingly :

The browsers gives facility to the people who usually accidentally close all tabs and with that they also lose their favourite or most used tab.

That they can use ‘Pin Tab’ option. When you pin your tab the browser does not close it unless you close it separately.


Set timer for shutdown :

You can set the timer for your device shut down by typing the given below code in the run command.

shutdown.exe /s /t [time example 3600 for 60 minutes] and this image pops up.

Convert videos using the most used VLC player :

You can convert your videos by using the vlc player which has an inbuilt converter. The shortcut for this command is Alt + O. Surely a great help for a lot of vlc users.

Convert Videos
Convert Videos

Download videos directly from YouTube :

Want to download YouTube Videos directly without getting irritated with pop-up ads in other apps or webs?

Just type ssyoutube in place of the youtube text in the link url.

Create gif directly from YouTube :

You can also create gifs from YouTube by just simply replacing YouTube with gifyoutube and the gif of the videos will be created easily in less than 30 mins.

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