Chinese Plastic Made Fake Rice : How to Identify Fake Rice

Recently we came to know about rice made from plastic are produced by China and they are exporting it to India and other countries. After this viral news, Fake rice made from Plastic are found and sealed in Navsari city of Gujarat state.

Fake rice made from Plastic are very cheap at cost and after boiling it, one cannot easily identify it so there is a chances that some greedy restaurant or food service people may serve you China’s fake rice made from Plastic.

China is also adding fake rice made from plastic with the real rice after which it cannot be identifiable.

Here we have some tips or tricks with which you can find whether rice you have purchased or you are eating are fake rice made from plastic or not :

-Drop some Rice in a glass full of water and stir it. The plastic made rice will float at the top.

-When you burn the rice, you can easily identify fake rice as it is made from plastic

-You can also check the rice after boiling it. After boiling the rice, you can keep that rice packed in a bottle for 2-3 days. If the rice is fake then it will not get funguses otherwise it will remain as it is.


So please be aware of fake rice made from plastic and protect your health.

Manufacturing of Fake Rice Made from Plastic Video :

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