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A Life in Red Lights of Sonagachi : Asia’s Largest Brothel District

A Life in Red Light Society
Written by Team Maffat

A Life in Red Lights of Sonagachi….

Sonagachi is a district in Kolkata West Bengal. Sonagachi is considered as a slang word if anyone speaks it and even little school children are asked to not look at that side…!!!

Sonagachi is Asia’s largest Brothel district.  Sonagachi city is the largest red light district in Asia with 10000+ sex workers/prostitutes. Sonagachi red light area is having brothels closing in on dark with the absence of liveliness.

Brothel means a house where men visit prostitutes

Here we are urge you to look or read this article with mercy for the prostitutes or sex workers of Sonagachi or any other red light area. They are the one who are living without soul or any respect. Here we are presenting some poster/photos which speaks about the terrible and poor life of Sonagachi red light area workers. The photos we have taken from Mintifed in association with The Logical Indian.

1.Life in Red Light of Sonagachi

1.Life in Red Light of Sonagachi

The Government is behaving like a deaf and blind in the case of Prostitute’s better living standards. Ultimately they are doing this work not by their choice, there must be some reason or scary story.  By Doing Prostitution, they are getting able to get food, get their child educated.

The Prostitutes also wants better living standards, respect from the outer world. Even they can’t believe that they can better life. Many of them wanted to escape but they could not get succeed.   Hundreds of little girls and young women who have been ostracized by the society and made to accept a life shorn of any luck at all. Many girls are sold in these areas of age 10 to 12.

For our So Called Cultured and reputed society, “Sonagachi” remains a word that shouldn’t be spoken out loud. We as a whole society, the government, have made them bad and their life hell.


Please read and share this post to give prostitutes better life and make them believe that they are also normal human beings and they can get respect.

2. Life in Red Lights of Sonagachi

2. Life in Red Lights of Sonagachi

3. Life in Red Lights of Sonagachi

3. Life in Red Lights of Sonagachi

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