Unbelievable Shameful Rape Case – A Girl Raped by Father Brother and Brother in Law

Where is humanity??? Where is Indian Ethics and Indian Women’s Safety?

We are Media people and we always try to bring some new fresh, innovative news for our readers but in this modern era or say shameless time, one more unbelievable rape case has come to the light. Today’s rape case shows that even the girl is not safe in her family.

We are not saying that every man is a rapist or having abusive mind but not everyone is an ethical men who thinks that to protect a girl or woman is their moral duty.

A 15 years old girl reported FIR against her father, brother and brother in law in Yamunanagar city of Haryana state. A Rape case victim is the youngest daughter of the family and her mother is died. As per Girl’s complaint, she was raped by her own father before 2 years and when she asked help from her brother for this matter, he also did the same!!! For last 2 years she was abused by her own father and brother.

How can a father, who is the First Hero for any girl abused her own daughter!!! But it has happened and for 2 years. After 2 years, recently the rape case victim girl went to her elder sister and asked for help from her brother in law but look at her destiny!!! Her Brother in Law also took advantage of that girl. After complaint all 3 criminals father, brother and brother in law are under arrest.

Every day we are coming across the rape cases in India. Not every single guy is a rapper but everyone is also not having respect for women or having morality to save women. After Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi, every time on new rape case, people are arranging candle march or public speaking and all but nothing has been changed.




This is the time to change the world.

Can’t we give a better, protected, safe life to our family women????

Ask yourself as tomorrow rape victim may be from your family!!!!

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