The Billionaire Barber Owns 200 Luxurious Cars – Rags to Rich Story of Barber Ramesh Babu

Ramesh Babu with RR
Ramesh Babu with his Own RR


We have the Image of Barber is Self Employed Person. The Person which Owns one Shop and Cut the Hair Like Billu Barber.

But here is the Story of Billionaire Barber of Bangalore India Mr. Ramesh Babu, He Owns Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and 200+ Luxurious Cars.


Biography Highlights of Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu:

– Father’s Death at the Age of 7 Years.

– Owns Barber Shop near Chinna swami Stadium.

– Mother Cook Food at Home and Rs. 5/ Month Rent of Fathers Shop.

– Fail in 12th Exam.

– Diploma in Electronics from ITI.

– 1989 Stats Father’s Shop With Modern Look.

– Own Maruti Van from Earned Money.

– Doesn’t Know Driving. Gives Maruti Van on Rent.

– Starts Ramesh Tours & Travels.

– Owns Luxurious Cars Worth Rs. 256 Cr.

– Ramesh Babu is Having 1 RR, 9 Mercedes, 6 BMW, 1 Jaguar, 3 Audi and 200 Other Luxurious Cars.

– 60+ Drivers Working in the Firm.

– This Luxurious Cars may Charges more than Rs. 50,000 / Month.

– Still Working in his Father’s Saloon (Barber’s Shop) Inner Space.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Ashwariya Rai Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Many other Bollywood Celebrities are his Clients.

– Wake Up in the Morning at Sharpe 5 A.M.

Work in His Own Barber’s Shop Near about 5-6 P.M. Every Day.

– Teaches Barbering to his Two Daughters and One Son as a Teacher.

– Ramesh Babu is Now Planning to Expand his Business in Vijaywada a City of AP.


So, We can say that Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu is the Gem of a Person. I Wanna Meet this Barber Personally. Do you?

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