Second Richest Chinese Man Loses 15 Billion Dollars in 30 Minutes – How Can One Loose His Half of Empire in Seconds


Li Hejun Hanergy Thin Film Power Group
Li Hejun Chairman of  Hanergy Thin Film Power Group

Li Hejun began the day as either China’s second-richest man according to Forbes, or richest, according to the Hurun Report (China’s version of the Forbes rich list) and Le Figaro, with a fortune worth more than $30 billion. By 11am, his net worth was amazingly cut by half, and he was in almost $14 billion Loss.

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group’s Chairman Mr. Li Hejun was Second Richest Person in China Till May 2015. Company’s Share gains 500 % Rise Up in Last year. At that time some Financial Advisers says that “A Disaster Waiting to Happen


The Reason of this Disaster is still a Mystery but there is one Prediction that Mr. Li Hejun Doesn’t Appear in Stack Holders Annual Meeting. Hanergy’s Li Doesn’t Even Dreamed that Much Disaster.

China’s All Stock Market Stops For a While because of the Hanergy Thin Films Power Ltd Stock Falls.

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