Lit Motors Two Wheeler Electric Car C 1 Details & Price

Imagine that a Car is having Two Wheels, How dose is Sounds? In that Car you are having a Safety of Car and Trilling Joy of a Bike.

Yes, Here is a news that we can say the dream come true. Here is news for Litmotors two wheeler Electric Car C-1.

Lit motors two wheeler Electric Car C-1
Lit motors two wheeler Electric Car C-1

From the Litmotors there is announcement that C-1 is designed for High Speed. The two Wheeler Car is designed for reducing the traffic, to avoid traffic is very easy from this kind of designed car.

This Two Wheeler Car Consumes less space than others than it is easy to avoid or to reduce traffic.


Lit Motors C1 Seating Arredgment
Lit Motors C1 Seating Arredgment

Car is designed for two people. It’s also have sufficient boot space. This Two wheeler car’s manufacturer Claim that this car is used for everything that the ordinary car studs for.

This car can also have climate controller and a premier sound system.


Litmotors two wheeler Electric Car C-1
Litmotors two wheeler Electric Car C-1

The Two wheeler Car’s Safety Features


Safety Feature

Seat Belts

Multiple Air Bags

Steel Reinforced Chassis   

Litmotors Two Wheeler Car’s Features:


In Hub Electric Motor

Smart Phone Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity


Car gets its energy from Electronically-Controlled Control Moment Gyroscopes, Company is having pattern on this system.


Two Wheeler Car’s Battery Specification:

– 10 kW


Efficiency Details of Two Wheeler Car :

Car can move 320 km in one time fully Charged Battery.


Speed Description of Litmotors Two Wheeler Car:


Maximum Speed Limit : 160 km/h

Pic Up Capacity : Car takes only 6 sec to get speed of 0-100 km/h

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