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‘Father’, ‘Papa’, ‘Paa’, ‘Dad’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Pop’, ‘Baba’, ‘Pitaji’, ‘Abbu’ – whatever you are used to call you loving father but the bonding between you and your father is always more than everything in the world. Father’s Day 2015 in India will be celebrated on 21 June 2015.Everyone in the world loves and respect his/her father till last breathe.

Fathers Day Date in India
Fathers Day Date in India

We are used to praise our mother or sharing tight bonding with her but sometimes we are failed to understand our dear father just because he never used to share his problems or tensions so that we can live happily.

Here we have Father’s day 2015 celebration special quotes, messages, picture messages, special songs and gift ideas.

Bollywood Songs for Father
Bollywood Songs for Father

Father’s Day 2015 Date : 21st June 2015, Sunday

When is Father’s Day 2015 in India? : 21st June 2015

The date for Father’s day celebration varies by country. Father’s Day celebration in India is held every year on the 3rd Sunday of June month. This year, Father’s Day 2015 Date in India is 21st June 2015 as it is a second Sunday of June month.

When is Father’s Day celebrated every year in India? : 3rd Sunday of June month

Fathers Day Celebration in India
Fathers Day Celebration in India

Generally we have a tough guy image of our father in our mind but father is the one who loves, protects, feeds and secure future of his family. Especially daughters are sharing special bonding with her father. Just love and respect your Father as ‘Baap Sab Ke Pas nhi hota’ as we can see many people are so unfortunate that they have lost their father at the early age.

Father’s Day is a celebration of fatherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Indians do not celebrate the occasion as a religious event and it is celebrated mostly in urban centers while a majority of the population still remains unaware of a formal Father’s Day.

|| Pitru devo bhava ||

Fathers Day Gifts
Fathers Day Gifts

What to Gift on Father’s Day 2015?/ Gift Ideas for Father’s Day :

You can do your father’s supplementary works and share your thoughts, your love, and feelings for him. Arrange special dinner or one day picnic plan. Try to remember and follow what her dad asks you to do in routine works.  You can also bring a pair of clothes, tie, shoes, watch, his business related accessories, make your own designed cards, prepare his favourite food dish and many more things you can do to gift your father on this upcoming Father’s Day 2015 in India.

Father’s Day Special Songs/Top Bollywood Songs on Father :

“Kehta Hai Baabul” song from movie ‘Baabul’

“Papa mere Papa” song from movie ‘Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon’

“Pappa Jaldi aa jana” song from movie ‘Taqdeer’ (1967)

“Yeh to Sach He Ki Bhagwan Hai” song from movie ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’

“Tum era Dil Tu meri Jaan” song from movie ‘Akele Hum Akele Tum’ and more

Happy Fathers Day Quotes
Happy Fathers Day Quotes

Father’s Day 2015 Quotes :

The Father…. “He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, And let me watch him do it.” Have A Happy Father’s Day


“Thanks for being

there through the

tears, laughter and

dirty diapers.

Happy Father’s Day!”


“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.”


“One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters” ~George Herbert


“FATHER: a son’s first hero… and a daughter’s first love.”


“Every girl may not be a queen to her husband,

But she is always a princess to her father”


Fathers Day Songs
Fathers Day Songs

Every day is a mother’s day but as special day is dedicated to our Mother on 2nd Sunday of May month, one should not miss the opportunity to show your love, special bonding, your feelings to your mother. Mother and Father both are very very important for us and we should also celebrate and show our love to our father as Father is the only strong person in family who generally does not showcase his feelings.

Happy Father’s Day 2015……

||Pitru devo bhava ||

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