Facebook Reveals New Security Tool to Detect and Remove Malicious Software

World’s Social media giant Facebook revealed a new security tool to detect and remove malicious software on 24th June 2015. Facebook said it was working with Kaspersky Lab, bolstering a program implemented with other online security firms including ESET, F-Secure and Trend Micro.

A Facebook security engineer said, “Thanks to the collaboration with these companies, in the past three months we have helped clean up more than two million people’s computers that we detected were infected with malware when they connected to Facebook”

Facebook new security tool program uses a cleanup tool that runs in background when any Facebook user logins to his/her account and when the device scan is completed, it shows you the founded files and result. The program uses “a combination of signals to help find infections and get the malware off of your computer for good, even if the malware isn’t actively spreading spam or harmful links

Kaspersky Lab’s Kate Kochetkova said in a separate blog post that Facebook users are often targeted in online fraud schemes such as “phishing,” which are faked emails designed to get recipients to download malware.

“Facebook is a major aim for phishers: one in five phishing scams targets Facebook notifications. So be vigilant when you receive emails appearing to be from Facebook: as they can be fake. There are lots of Trojans targeting Facebook users as well,” she said.

So now Facebook can also help you to keep your Laptop/Desktop/Mobile healthy and malware software free.

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