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Buddha Statue with 1000 Hands Unveiled in China after 7 Years of Restoration

Thousand Hand Buddha Statue
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China unveiled renovated Buddha statue recently for public. The recently restored Buddha statue is famous for its 1000 hands. Thousand hands Buddha statue is said to be about 800 years old and after restoration of 7 years, now very beautiful looking Buddha statue is open for public. China 1000 hands Buddha statue restoration work was started in 2008.

1000 Hands Buddha Statue in China

1000 Hands Buddha Statue in China

1000 Hands Buddha Statue Details :

The 1000 hands statue of Kwan-yin in Baoding Mountain was carved about 800 years ago during the South Song Dynasty (1127-1276), with 830 hands in an area of 88 square meters in the hillside. Thousand hands Buddha statue is having height of 7.7 meters and width of 12.5 meters, featuring color painting and gold foil. It is the largest of its kind in China.

Buddha Statue before Restoration

Buddha Statue before Restoration

1000 Hands Buddha Statue Restoration Cost : 60 million yuan (US $9.8 million)

1000 Hands Buddha Statue Height : 7.7 metres

 1000 Hands Buddha Statue Width : 12.5 metres

Buddha Statue during Restoration Process

Buddha Statue during Restoration Process

Thousand hands Buddha statue name is “Qianshou Guanyin” and now the visitors can see a newly restored 800 years old Buddha statue. It is the largest restoration project on the statue, which undertook repairs at least four times in history, it said. The 1000 hands Buddha statue is expected to help the keep glowing for at least 50 years.

Here we have some photos of 1000 hands Buddha statue in China and one would feel awesome by looking this beautifully designed Buddha statue.

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