Shahrukh Khan’s Sense of Humour – SRK’s Wittiest Answers to Media

Shahrukh Khan, sorry The Shahrukh Khan is some super hero with the power of words? Well not just words, SRK is the superhero with the power of brain, acting and… somewhat an Awesomeness.

SRK-The King Khan of Bollywood
SRK-The King Khan of Bollywood

Well, just not “Heats Off” but the “Heads Down” also appears too little for Shah Rukh Khan.

As we all know whether it’s a press conference, movie-trailer launch or a friendly chat show, if Shahrukh makes an appearance in the event, there has to be humor for sure. And a lot of it! Because Shahrukh Khan’s spontaneity just keeps winning our hearts, every single time.

Here is some one of the best Conversation and Real Life Dialogs by Shakrukh Khan that proves he is the man with Awesome Sense of Humour.


Reporter to SRK: When will you start making different movies? Better Movies?

SRK: When will you start asking me different Questions? Better Question?


Reporter to SRK: You are so good looking, is this the way you wake uo every morning?

SRK: No I have to go through a plastic surgery every Morning.


“The only time I don’t Act is When I’m Sleeping. When I’m asleep at night for four hours, I miss the actor in me. When I am taking a bath you won’t believe the acting I do”.


“Whenever I start feeling too arrogant about myself, I alwayas take a trip to the U.S. The immigration guys kick the star out of my stardom”


Reporter to SRK: Why do you always say that you are the best?

SRK: Because if I doubt this fact then no one else is going to believe it ever.


Reporter to SRK: Could you let us know how much they are paying you?

SRK: If you ask that question again ma’am, I will have to ask you your age


“Whenever I fail as a father or husband… a toy and a diamond always works”.


“I work like a retailer. I sell my services, take my money and keep it in the bank.”


Reporter to SRK: What would it be like to wake up as Karan Johar one day?”

SRK: As per the grapevine, it’s more likely that I will wake up ‘with’ Karan Johar rather than ‘as’ Karan Johar


“I don’t write cheques anymore because I end up signing them “With Lvoe, Shah Rukh”


Karan Johar: Hrithik or Aamir, who’s a better actor?

SRK: Better than who, Karan? 😉


if he’s bisexual:

“I’m not bisexual, I’m tri-sexual. I try everything”.


“If I had not been Shah Rukh Khan, I would have been the one wanting to be Shah Rukh Khan”.


Reporter to SRK: Salman was moved to tears during your stage appearance together. Is your relationship going well now?

SRK: Yes it’s going really well. We are planning on having a baby together!


Reporter to SRK: How much are you getting paid for the next project?

SRK: “Enough to buy the new play station!”


A fan asked SRK- What’s Up?

SRK: My hair in the morning and chin the rest of the day!


Has fatherhood affected your acting skills?

SRK: Yeah, I treat all my heroines like children now. I pic them up, I cuddle them, I call them “Baby”.


“People say I am repetitive. But what if I repeat myself, so does history!”


“Jo kuch nahi karte, woh kamaal karte hain”

The above given answers by Shahrukh Khan proves Shahrukh Khan’s awesome and funny sense of humour.  Shahrukh Khan is the King of Bollywood as he is ruling millions of heart in the world. Shahrukh Khan is very successful actor in Bollywood and his upcoming movies in 2015 are Fan, Raees and others.

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